Denise Duffy

Personal Trainer and Owner - SmartCore Fitness

Denise founded SmartCore Fitness 15 years ago with this key idea in mind: to help people reach their full fitness potential, push their boundaries a little and then walk out the door strong in mind, body and spirit ready to take on life! Denise's number one priority is her wonderful family - husband, Paul and twins, Erin and John -- and yes, they ALL workout! Denise believes life is all about balance, and loves a good glass of wine and a piece of chocolate!


Steve Justice

Personal Trainer

Steve became a part of SmartCore almost 3 years ago after retiring from the NFL. He has a passion for the gym and has loved helping clients find that same love. When Steve is not working at SmartCore, he spends time with his wife and two daughters or of course, working out in his own home gym!

Abbie Louden Cooper

Personal Trainer

Abbie is the newest addition to the SmartCore family.  For almost her entire life, Abbie has had a passion for fitness participating in volleyball, basketball and track.  She played volleyball on a collegiate level at Elon University.  Abbie has enjoyed working out at SmartCore and is excited to share her belief in the method and her love for exercise with others.  While Abbie is away from SmartCore, she spends quality time with her husband, Will.  She also has a huge soft spot for her “children”, Alex a mixed breed, Maxie and English bulldog and Leo a French bulldog.


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